What is the farm, “La Roca”?

It is a farm located at 2 kms from the town of Balgu?e, Ometepe Island. With a total area of 55 acres. It is made up of forrest and farming soil. The farm will produce 15 to 20 different kinds of produce, i.e. grains, vegetables and fruits. This will include coffee, plantains, rice, beans, avocados and passion fruit. The farm’s products will be used in Camp La Roca kitchen. Also a percentage from all the production is used to help the those with urgent need within the surrounding communities. The farm also has work horses and designated fields for their pasture.

We praise God for providing this land to continue His work in Nicaragua. The farm will sustain ministries, missions, new church plants and special projects by the profitability that will come through the crops and other resources from the farm.
The farm was created to provide discipleship using the agriculture as a means to build character and faith by teaching through Jesus’ parables. On the island the cultural norm is to do work by hand; this provides a natural bridge for discipleship and fellowship between hired hands, and volunteers from the Petra churches as they labor on projects together at the farm. We intend to leverage this opportunity for Christ on the property and in our community as we bring in locals and groups to help us labor in our mission.

The community in the area will benefit from the compassion ministry to disabled people and supporting people in serious need of food and other resources.
The farm and its projects will also be one of the highlights for The PETRA International School of Discipleship. A resource for spiritual growth and discipleship where the assistants will be able to interact, be challenged and be part of the daily life of the farm.

Update of what has happened in the years of 2015 and 2016 since we launched the farm.

  • The Petra Farm has almost 18 acres of crops planted ready to produce; such as plantains sorghum, passion fruit, rice, pineapple. In the second semester of 2016 we are awaiting for production to come out.
  • There are more than 100 citrus plants sown and 1,000 coffee plants sown and another 1,000 in the garden center.
  • 250 chickens are maturing and the production of eggs is expected to start in September of this year. The Petra Farm is exceeding the expectations.
  • With the help of men in discipleship from the Petra churches, we planted more than 400 hundreds citrus plants and plantains.
  • An Irrigation System was installed and functioning. This system is allowing us to have two seasons of sowing time in some of the crops.
  • There were 3 horses bought in 2015. The pasture area for the horses is also cleaned with quality feeding grass for the horses. A wood fence was installed last year for horses.
  • Several men from the community have been hired to work in different areas including planting cleaning and maintenance for the proper operation and growth of the farm which also provides local employment during the low labor demand season in the region from January to May.

Dry Rice

Still Lot to do

If you feel God is calling you to partner with us, please feel free con contact us. For more partnering/projects option for La Roca Farm click here.

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