La Roca Camp and Farm


What is Camp La Roca?

Camp La Roca is an 8 acre area located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua about two kilometers from the town of Balgue on Ometepe Island. Facilities have been built to accommodate large groups from the Petra churches in Nicaragua as well as to host international mission teams. La Roca is also part of an approximately 55 acre farm of which 42 acres are used for farming. This area is known as the Petra farm.

Purpose: Camp La Roca was formed to:

  • Train future pastors, leaders and church planters
  • To have a base location for church planting and community evangelism
  • To serve both national and international teams and individuals
  • To support pastor’s families and economically assist the Petra Nicaraguan churches
  • To be a gospel presence in the community
Amber LundskogLa Roca Camp and Farm