In 2019, Petra International began working in Colombia with Pastor Leo Gutierrez who is leading evangelism, training, and new church planting efforts as the director of Petra Colombia.

There are three churches in the capitol city of Bogota and two churches in a city 45 minutes away from the capitol called Villaviciencio.

There is currently a need to help with the funding of evangelism projects, work expenses, scholarships for men to get trained to become future pastors, and financial support need for Pastor Leo. There is also currently a need for short term teams to bring Bibles and evangelistic tracts down and to work in evangelism and construction.


Suba Villamaria

Pastor Ricardo Gonzalez y Pilar Bonilla
Located in Bogota

Suba Campiña

Luis Polo y Liliana Serrano
Located in Bogota

Prado Veraniego

Jean Paul Serrano y Mabe
Located in Bogota

Villavicencio (panorama)

Guillermo Rincon y Janeth Estepa
Located outside of Bogota

Villavicencio (rochela)

José Serrano y Andrea Aponte
Located outside of Bogota

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