Petra Chinandega

Petra Chinandega Bible Church is the fourth bible church planted in Nicaragua. It began in May 2014 and is currently led by Pastor Jimmy.


Sundays 10:00 a.m.

Special Activities

Bible Studies
Wednesday, 6:00 p.m.

Bible Studies for men
Friday, 6:00 p.m.

Before knowing Christ we did not know that we had a purpose in this life. We met Christ through a Christian ministry but we had not found a church and a community. We felt that need in our lives and prayed that God would take us to a church where the highest authority was the Bible. When we came to Petra Bible Church for the first time we knew that God had answered our prayers. The time we have spent as members of the church has been a great blessing to us. We have grown in Spirit and in truth to worship and glorify Him with all our hearts. God has been faithful to us and we want to honor Him with our lives.

Loaisiga Family

The greatness of the Lord is immense., His faithfulness is infinite and His glory is unmatched! That is why I, Manuel Antonio Soza, now a follower and servant of Jesus Christ, testify to how God took me out of the world and the disorderly and vain life that I lived. I was raised in a Christian family and walked in the church until I was 15 years old, before deciding not to go anymore, and choosing the pleasures of the world. I was wandering and lost, falling into addictions. Even in the midst of it all, I married a beautiful woman with whom I have 2 children, who by the grace of God has always been with me and supported me in everything, even when I did not fulfill my obligations as a husband. But one day, in February of 2019, God touched my heart. He convicted me that I was to be done with the pagan and vain life I was living, that I needed to return to His fold, and thus I arrived at Petra Bible Church, which is where He has allowed me to congregate with all my family and granted me undeserved salvation. This is my testimony of how God, after 16 years lost in the world, rescued my family and I. Glory to God and blessed be His holy name!

Manuel Soza and Family

When I did not know the Lord, I was deceived in believing that I was living well, but I can recognize more clearly now that I used to live without purpose. I only did what was convenient for me no matter who it affected. There are many things that I dislike having done. I had no courage to stop doing them because of the pride in my heart leading me to believe that I was someone good. I hurt many people and even myself. I definitely had no happiness even though it looked like I did on the outside. I lived falsely and smiled in the day, but only because of hypocrisy. I lived in the occult with unpleasant sins and put on a façade. I was even foolishly thinking that it was better to cease to exist. But praise be to God, I met Christ through Alisson. She told me about a Man I heard about in other places before, that I thought I knew but was far from. She told me that I could talk to Him through prayer and to know Him through His Word. At first I read with fear, but then little by little I realized I had a false image of Him. I believed I knew Him, but that was not the truth, until through a parable He showed me that I was sinner, that my whole life was a real offense to His holiness, and that even with so much I had done against Him, He told me “believe in Me and sin no more.” He broke my false life with painful love to teach me that without Him I am nothing, that having the whole world in my hand but living without Him is only the greatest of folly. I can recognize that my flesh still fights against the things of the Spirit, but that it is through His Word that I see my growth. And now with a ministry like Petra, which puts Christ first in everything, I can see how important the discipleship that I receive from my pastor, from my leaders and from my local church is. I have understood through the church that being a child of God and being justified in Christ is not the end, but rather the beginning. It is the beginning of my life according to my true purpose, which is to exalt and praise the name of Christ forever here and in eternity. I want to live out the purpose He has for me. I am so thankful to God that He is a great Savior, and because the Petra church exists to praise Him, now I am part of His fold. I am Alisson Menelo (Meneses-López). As the Word says, I was dead in my trespasses and sins. Every day because of my sins I was estranged from God. I thought I knew Him, but I believed in a false god (false religion). I come from a dysfunctional family and had a heart that desired a parent’s love. When I surrendered to Christ, I could not fully fathom His love and I still cannot comprehend fully the high price He paid for me. The happiest thing today is that I found the Father I always longed for, and I thank God for adopting me as His child and making me a part of His body. Petra Bible Church has truly been a blessing to my life. I thank God because it is a church that truly preaches Christ and has taught me through the Bible the roles of men and women. That understanding has led us to follow Christ more, to desire to glorify Him, and to show us our need daily for more of Him than anything else.

Meneses Family

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