Petra Matagalpa

Pastor Edgar and family

Petra Matagalpa Bible Church is the fifth bible church planted in Nicaragua.

The church was launched in November of 2015. The church has Bible studies on Wednesdays, and the regular church service on Sundays to exalt the name of Jesus Christ through worship and preaching of the Word.


Sundays 10:00 a.m.

Special Activities

Bible Studies
Wednesday, 6:00 p.m.

Men’s Meeting
Saturday, 6:00 p.m.

Blessings from on high!

We are the Pérez Orozco family: Juan Ramón Pérez Campos, Marjorie Leonor OrozcovMartínez and Jazmín Stephanie Pérez Orozco.

We started visiting Petra after an invitation from Pastor Edgar. In the short time we have been attending, we have experienced and learned more about how to please and exalt our Creator. As an individual, I have felt welcome at Petra. The Bible reading calendar, the time the Pastor’s wife has with the children, as well as the Sunday sermons have been factors that have helped my family and I to grow spiritually.

As a husband, I am grateful to God for the privilege of knowing Him more closely. God has begun to transform my life as a husband, father, and son of my Heavenly Father.

We have had many difficulties in our marriage, but in our time at Petra, we have seen God changing and transforming our character. We have learned to ask for forgiveness when we fail and we are motivated to give our hearts to God in order to keep changing and growing spiritually so that our marriage is edified, so we can build up other marriages, so we can instruct our daughter, and so we can give glory and honor to the Most High.

We are taking steps of faith to remain faithful in prayer, in Scripture reading, and for God to fulfill His purposes in us. We look forward to continue growing at Petra.

Perez’s Family

My name is Ulises José Urbina Huerta. I will share a bit about my experience and testimony in the last few months. I met Pastor Edgar, who invited me to a Bible study for men, where I started to learn who God really is and the purpose He has for us men as head of the home. Later, I became part of the Sunday services with my wife Adriana Victoria Montalván and daughter Lismar Urbina Montalván. My daughter has also been excited to visit on Thursdays for reading with other children. She has started to learn about God’s creation and His love through our sister in Christ, Jissel. Personally, I have visited other churches and ministries, but Petra is where I really experienced God’s love, where I had the courage to give myself completely to God, confessing my sins and giving my heart to serve God. I can now say I am a true Christian and son of God. May all glory be to our Heavenly Father.

Urbina’s Family

My name is Adriana Victoria Montalván. I want to share a little of the love and mercy that God has shown our family. With my husband and daughter we started visiting Petra on Sundays. Through this time, I began to learn about who God really is through more knowledge of the Word of God, how to study the Bible, how to see the world in a different way from His perspective, and I have learned to do things with love. I am not perfect as a daughter, wife or mother, but I have faith in God who has a divine purpose in my life and I thank Him for bringing me to know this ministry. My family has become more united as we have attended. We know that God has great things here in Matagalpa through Petra church.


With a great pleasure, I would like to give my testimony of what I have learned attending the meetings led by Pastor Edgar at Petra. At the beginning, when they invited me, I thought that I would not like it and sincerely the first time I went, I o n l y went out of obligation. However, something happened. I really liked the way they taught the Word of God and as I have continued to attend, I have learned many things I did not know. I am single and have learned about marriage during my time attending. I believe God has brought me to Petra to teach and prepare me to be a good husband and father in the future, as well as to learn the Word of God properly. I am so thankful to God for bringing me to Petra church.

single and when they talk about marriage I’m very interested, I feel that God has brought me to Petra church with the purpose of preparing a good husband, a good son and in the future a good father, also to learn the word properly.

I feel that God has been good in bringing me to Petra church, I say goodbye with a big hug.

Jonathan Urbina

Michael ParralesPetra Matagalpa