Rock Solid Conviction

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There is much talk in Christian circles regarding God’s calling for one’s life. The last time I checked the average university student changes their major six times. I am not sure Christians are very different. What is the problem? Why so much debate and years of waiting to find one’s “calling” from God? The solution does not have to do with “career development skills,” or defining talents and personality through testing. Though these things can help, the true answer to God’s calling in one’s life has to do with conviction. God has designed man to live by conviction. Conviction is the foundation for all of life’s decisions. It is man’s privilege to be the priest of the home and set the convictions, the standards, for his wife, children, and society directly from God’s Word. The wife and children follow the man’s convictions and “calling,” its not the other way around. The most miserable man is the man who follows his wife’s convictions because he has none of his own. (1 Timothy 2: 12-15)

In Genesis 2 we see that Adam received the commandment in the garden not to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Eve did not receive such commandment because she was not yet even created. It was Adam’s job to hear God’s Word, let God’s Word penetrate His heart, and let it breed conviction in order to obey. Sadly, Adam heard God’s Word but he did not allow it to form into conviction. The absence of conviction in Adam led him not to protect his wife from death and destruction. Not protecting his wife meant not protecting himself. Adam was to publicly rebuke the serpent and pull his wife away from speaking to the enemy, but as we know, he didn’t do either.

He was perfect, he had the divine revelation, he knew the truth, but where conviction is absent, sin of omission, letting Eve talk to the Serpent, leading to the sin of commission, eating the fruit, which led to eternal death. Men are you more worried about your career, your calling, your money, your image, your personal satisfaction, your portfolio? or are you more focused on developing God given convictions that penetrate to the core of your being?

Petra International Ministries Inc. Written by: Jared Cox

Real men are men of conviction and are willing to die for them. Real men are not worried about politics or status quo. Real men are solely concerned about getting the job done..fighting to the death for God, family, and country. Real men are men of conviction. “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified…” I Corinthians 2: 1-5

Written by: Pastor Jared Cox.

Jesse ChaseRock Solid Conviction

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