Jared and Tanya Cox

Jared Cox is the founding pastor and mentor of Petra Nicaragua. Born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL. with a B.A. in International Ministries.  Jared is now finishing his Master of Divinity degree at the Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Tanya Cox it is also a graduate from Moody Bible Institute.  They have 4 children: Josiah, Isaiah, Gabriela and Jeremiah.  

After getting married in July 8, 2000, Jared and Tanya moved to Central America in December of the same year, to begin a year of language school in Costa Rica.  After language school they quickly moved to Managua, Nicaragua to begin ministry. Their ministry began by renting a small office space to start a youth center, in order to evangelize, disciple, and train young people to live for, and serve Christ.  They soon saw the overwhelming need for these young people to attend a gospel-centered church with sound doctrine and biblical discipleship.  Since no biblical, gospel-centered church, was found, God began pressing on their hearts to begin a life-giving church in the capitol city.  The burden grew and grew in their hearts as they realized there was no where to send these new believers for growth, fellowship, discipleship, and service to Christ.   

As the church started — even with many difficulties — they could see the hand of God preparing their hearts and revealing even greater spiritual need in the Nicaraguan people. As the church in Managua strengthened the church began to send out leaders to take mission trips to the Island of Ometepe and even Uganda, Africa. Some years later the first daughter church was launched in the community of Balgue on the Island of Ometepe, from there three more churches have been launched one more in the Island and two more in other cities of Nicaragua.

A year ago construction of a Camp and Farm, La Roca, on Ometepe Island began.  La Roca was formed to assist the Petra Nicaraguan churches, to help the pastor’s families, the surrounding communities, and for training international workers. Pastor Jared is also currently developing the School of Ministry and Church Planting, for pastoral and lay leaders training based in capitol of Nicaragua.  The goal is to properly equip men in the Word of God, in their spiritual formation, and for them to gain the necessary tools for effective life-long ministry. 

After 15 years of living and working in Nicaragua, God called Jared and Tanya back to the U.S in order to form the International School of Ministry in both Bozeman, Montana and Ometepe, Nicaragua.  The International Discipleship School is to equip and train both U.S. churches, and international workers for missions, cross-cultural discipleship, and short term mission success.  

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