Director / Missionary

Jared and Tanya Cox are the only staff working in the U.S. for PIM, Inc. Administration costs are at a minimum. Pastor Cox is leading U.S. Petra International Ministries and directing the church planting movement in Nicaragua.  

The Monthly Need for Admin/Staff Support needed to be raised currently is $6,500.00 (Includes Cox living allowance, housing, work travel, continuing education, and work expenses. This Cox work fund covers many of the expenses for the School of Ministry and Discipleship.)

Responsibilities of Missions Director/Missionary

Church Planting 30%

  • Overseeing the current church plants and future church planting opportunities, and new candidate assessment. Teaching and pastoring the pastors who lead all of the current and future churches.
  • Mentoring the Nicaraguan pastors in their spiritual formation and leadership development (daily and weekly meetings).

School of Ministry — Training of Leaders 30%

  • Directing, teaching, and overseeing the class schedules, curriculum, and instructors for the Petra School of Ministry in Nicaragua.
  • Overseeing the International School of Discipleship U.S./Nicaragua by working with both the Nicaraguan and U.S. church partnerships in intensive field orientation and cross-cultural discipleship.

Projects 10%

  • Overseeing the Construction and Ministry Projects of the Camp and Farm, La Roca, on Ometepe Island.
  • Overseeing special projects of the church plants and missionary families.

Short term missions 5%

  • Overseeing the organization, training, budgets, and projects for short-term teams.


  • Donor communications, U.S. church relations, newsletters, prayer support, and web-design/content.

Administration 10%

  • Overseeing the administration, accounting, and legal needs of both PIM, Inc and Petra Nicaragua’s office staff of six people, plus five churches as President of Petra Nicaragua, and speaking engagements/travels.


Jesse ChaseDirector / Missionary