School of Ministry

Training Leaders Equipped in the Word of God

2 Timothy 2:2

The Church Planting School of Ministry has about 25 men from the different churches of Petra Nicaragua.
Please pray for these men, as they are in training as current and future leaders of the Petra Bible Churches.


Hamilton Rizo

Hamilton Rizo
Senior Pastor Petra Managua

The classes have been a huge blessing to my life, and for all the participants. They have allowed us to take time to share with each other, refreshing our souls by God’s Spirit, and deepening our understanding of the Word of God. The Church Planting School of Ministry, PLANTAR, is a wonderful blessing. God has used these classes to empower us, teach us, train us, and disciples us in ministry. It is not just theory, but is helping us grow in our application and implementation of God’s truth in our lives and ministries.


Alfonso Lemus – Petra Managua

Alfonso Lemus
Petra Managua

God has been Wonderful and Faithful in allowing the Church Plant School to be a reality in Nicaragua. I have been very blessed in taking part in the teachings of each one of the professors that God has sent, renewing my mind and my heart throughout this time has been very rewarding. PLANTAR has edified and strengthened the leadership of His church.

God has provided us with tools and resources for better comprehension and application of His Word. I more fully understanding how the farthest my words can reach is people’s minds, but His Word through His Spirit, is the only thing that can reach the bottom of the heart and produce change for repentance and salvation.




Jesse ChaseSchool of Ministry