Our Vision

To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and disciple the nations to build His kingdom through starting Christ-Centered, missions based churches.

Our Purpose & Mission

We exist in order to establish Christ-Centered churches in Latin America, and in the United States, by disciplining, teaching, and training nationals and internationals how to believe, obey, abide, serve, and worship Jesus Christ globally.


Ken Hanna was a church planter and evangelist in Central America and Mexico for 27 years. Upon returning to the states, he became the chair of the missions department of Moody Bible Institute, while Jared Cox was attending school preparing for international ministry. Hanna was planning to return to the mission field before being diagnosed with cancer, so while mentoring Jared, he told him to go in his place. Jared met his future wife, Tanya, during this time. They were married July 8, 2000 and left the following year for language school in Costa Rica, before settling in Nicaragua to serve there and glorify God with their lives.

Nicaragua is a country of 6.2 million people located in the middle of Central America. Although the country is the poorest in Central America, Jared and Tanya soon saw beyond just the physical situation to the the dire spiritual need of the country as well.

Through a youth ministry they began called Petra, Jared trained and equipped a group of young leaders and university students to be servants of Christ. Over time, it became evident that many of the young people who came to Christ through Petra did not have a biblical church to attend.

Through God’s leading and grace, in 2005, Petra Bible Church in Managua was launched. As the church grew in faith, maturity, and numbers, God was glorified through the preaching of His word, Christ-centered worship, missions teams, and people recognizing their sinful nature by embracing the Gospel message. Petra Managua now has over 300 members.

Yet one church was not the end of God’s plans for Nicaragua. We serve a God who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). He has allowed four additional Petra churches to be planted in Nicaragua. These are located in Balgue and Merida on Ometepe
Island, along with in the cities of Chinandega and Matagalpa.

In 2016, God called Pastor Jared and Tanya back to the U.S. in order to allow the Nicaraguans to lead their own national churches. Petra International Ministries was founded that year in order to continue to mentor and plant Christ-centered churches throughout the U.S. and Latin America. In 2018, Petra Bible Church, Bozeman was launched where Jared is the lead pastor. The work has now expanded to South America as well. In 2019, Petra became partnered with churches in Colombia.

Will you partner with us so more cities throughout Latin America and the U.S. can be reached?

Jared and Tanya Cox Biography

Jared Cox is the founding pastor of the Petra churches in Nicaragua, Petra International Missions, and is currently the pastor of Petra Bozeman. He was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona and graduated from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL. with a B.A. in International Ministries. He also completed an M. Div. from Western Seminary in 2019. Jared is married to Tanya and they have four children: Josiah, Isaiah, Gabriela and Jeremiah. After 15 years of living and ministering in Nicaragua, God called Jared and Tanya back to the United States in 2016 so that the Nicaragua churches could be led by nationals. Upon returning to the states, Petra International Ministries was founded and Petra Bible Church Bozeman was planted where Jared serves as the lead pastor.

Cox Support

All that God has and is doing could not happen without prayer and financial supporters.  As director of an international mission, leading the school of ministry, and pastoring a local church plant, Pastor Jared and Tanya need a great deal of support to make it all happen. Working for the Lord is a great privilege but along side their daily work they must raise all of their monthly living and work expenses in order to do what God has called them to do.

In order to cover living allowance, housing, self-employment taxes, medical insurance, and even their personal work expenses such as work travel, office supplies and equipment etc. they need monthly financial support.

If you would like to give towards supporting the Cox family, you can send a one time donation or become a monthly donor.  The Cox’s are still in need of raising a little over $3000 a month to cover all of their living and work expenses.  Whatever the Lord places on your heart to give please always know that the most important gift is faithfully praying for their family and the ministry. 

Over the year Pastor Jared and Tanya have been doing multiplied work that normally requires the work of 2-3 additional missionary couples to accomplish.  This is even more reason to consider supporting them and this God glorifying ministry.  Would you consider being a part of this story of what God has started and help see it to completion? 

“For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle the ox while He is threshing,” and the laborer is worthy of his wages.” I Tim. 5:18

Please send any financial donations to Petra International Ministries Inc. 601 Arrow trail, Bozeman, MT, 59178.

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